Shari’s, Halsey Croosing, Grease Trap Upgrade: Plumbing Division

Project Name: Shari’s, Halsey crossing, grease trap upgrade.

Time for project completion: 4 days

Project description: The grease trap for the store had to be upgraded per city code. The trap they had in place was ok per old code but with new codes it had to be upgraded in size so all drains in kitchen can run to it. We re routed the existing plumbing fixtures inside store to run outside were we set the new hydromantic grease interceptor and tied it into the sanitary sewer line. We cut and removed concrete thru store, excavated trenches thru kitchen and ran new plumbing lines tying into grease interceptor. Had all work inspected by city inspector, backfilled trenches and poured new concrete.

Types of work: plumbing, excavation, concrete work

Grease Trap upgrade - Shari's Restaurant


BELOW: Cutting the Concrete for the trenches to be dug out.

Lovett Pros cutting the concrete at Shari's Restaurant

BELOW:  Adam from the Excavation Team digging out the trenches for the new lines.

Adam from the excavation team digging trenches.

BELOW: Excavation Team Digging and Prepping for installation of the new Grease Trap

Excavation team digging and prep for new Grease Trap

BELOW: New Grease Trap installed by our Excavation Team.

New grease trap being installed by Lovett's Excavation professionals.

BELOW: After the new lines have been installed and the trenches filled we replaced the tile and completed the project!

Completed project