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Residential Electrical Services

Energy Efficient Solutions

Lovett services Portland Oregon with PGE certified electricians. We offer energy efficient electrical solutions installed by our experienced staff. Lovett’s licensed and bonded electricians help keep your home safe and up-to-code while extending or upgrading your electrical system.

Maybe simple additions like installing an appliance, ceiling fan, or recessed lighting are causing problems for you? Find out if it’s a good time for an electrical panel change to get your home electrical functioning and in good order again. Or maybe you had a new water service installation and need to replace your homes main electrical ground as a result? Whatever your electrical needs, Lovett can help.

Contact a Lovett representative to learn more about new construction and renovation projects. Lovett handles all underground electrical work, directional boring, and electrical grounding necessary to solve any electrical issues. From electrical panel wiring to solar panel installation, Lovett can get your job done right.

Our electrical sustainability experts can even help you save money and use less electricity as part of our energy efficiency solutions aimed to get the most out of every kilowatt. No matter what the project, you’ll appreciate the experience, skill and reliability of our PGE certified electricians.

Free 12 point electrical safety inspection with any residential electrical service call.