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Industrial Electrical Services

We bring industrial-strength power.

For more than a decade, Lovett’s licensed and bonded electricians have been working with a variety of industrial facilities in Portland, OR and Southwest Washington.

Have a Portland industrial electrical job you need done? Lovett can provide you with a wide variety of electrical, underground electrical, directional boring, and electrical grounding solutions. And if your project also happens to lends itself to solar, we can also maximize your energy efficiency through our Eco Services, such as Solar Panel Installation and Maintenance.

Our Certified electricians have had a wide variety of training on many different kinds of soil and weather conditions, regulations and permit processes – giving us the experience to handle any job. From wiring a workshop, factory, or wiring an industrial facility, to on-site installation or repair of lights, machinery and equipment – Lovett brings industrial electric power wherever you need it. Our highly experienced, skilled electricians get there quickly and get the job done right the first time. (Which helps minimize your downtime.)