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Commercial Electrical Services

We keep your business

Most businesses run on electricity. Lights, computers, phones – they all need commercial electrical wiring and juice to run on. If experienced Portland commercial electrical contractors is what you need, look no further. With Lovett as your commercial electrical contractor, our certified licensed and bonded electricians help keep your office or commercial space safely and efficiently plugged in to the grid.

We can handle any project whether it be providing commercial electrical services and grounding for a brand new building, or maintenance, restoration and renovation on an existing building – we’ve got you covered.

Our sustainability experts can even help your company save money and use less electricity with our energy efficiency solutions capabilities. One of our most comprehensive eco-friendly programs is our solar installation and maintenance service providing both ground and roof mounted systems.

From large commercial construction and renovation projects – to smaller projects like wiring a conference room or adding emergency backup systems – rest easy knowing that our electricians have the experience and expertise in required for all your commercial electrical projects.