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Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning

Specialists in plumbing repair and drain cleaning services in the Northwest. When drains are clogged we provide reliable, fast and dependable service to help you resolve your problems.

Lovett utilizes the most sophisticated equipment available to ensure proper and safe drain cleaning. We use video camera inspections to accurately locate where your problems may be, without costly digging or damage to the existing system. Pipe Video cameras are used to identify damage or obstructions that inhibit proper flow. The cameras also verify if the obstructions have been properly removed.
Video camera inspections can pinpoint problems like broken, cracked or collapsed pipes, damaged pipes that require replacement or repair.

Sewer Rehab Division Services
  • Separation of party lines
  • Sewer line scoping and cleaning
  • Sewer video inspections
  • New connections
  • Mainline extensions
  • Mainline taps
  • Sewer compliance documentation
  • Bursts and bore installation

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That’s no little shop vac folks. That’s a 30 ton mounted sucker! Got a parking lot drain backed up full of water? No problem!