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Backflow Testing

Backflow Testing

Backflow Testing & Prevention – What is it?

In order to ensure your water system is operating affectively there is often more than what meets the eye. Preventing the contamination of your drinking water (a.k.a. potable water) can save a life. You must perform regular inspections of your backflow device to make sure it is operating properly. Portland, Oregon and the water districts that surround it typically require at least an annual inspection by a certified backflow tester. While your water system is typically pressurized from its source, flowing in one direction, there are situations which can cause your water to flow in the opposite direction, hence the backflow. High demands on the water system such as firefighting or a break in the mainline can cause a sudden lack of pressure. Backflow devices prevent the possibility for non-potable water to flow back into the potable water supply. Some examples of non-potable water sources that can potentially infiltrate your drinking water are sprinkler & irrigation systems, hot tubs or wells. A non-potable water system will at times connect to your potable water, creating what is known as a cross connection. This is the area of concern and why a backflow prevention device is necessary to block unsafe substances from contacting your drinking water, potentially affecting taste, quality, color or odor. Lovett has certified backflow testers as well as plumbers who can provide you with a solution, regardless of the complexity. Ask us about our maintenance plans, perhaps there is a fit for you, and we can put the annual backflow test on your back burner and on our front.