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Hoodies 4 Homeless 2015 | #hoodies4homeless

Hoodies 4 Homeless 2015.

Warming up the Homeless in Oregon, One Hoodie at a time!

Hoodies 4 Homeless is all about our local Oregon homeless community.  We LOVE to serve our community and invite YOU, our social community, to get involved.  Together let’s give hoodies to our Oregon homeless community.

You Give a Hoodie + We Give a Hoodie + You Get a New Hoodie = Happy Warm Oregonians.

We have 100 Camo LOVETT hoodies to give out.  Take a picture of you giving any hoodie to a homeless person and “Share” it on our Facebook Page with #hoodies4homeless.  Then send us a private facebook message with your address so that we can mail you a new LOVETT camo hoodie.  You give, We give.  On top of this, we will be matching your donation a second time by giving away 50 more LOVETT hoodies to the homeless community ourselves.  

100 hoodies total from you and us for the Oregon homeless community.  Thank you for helping us reach this goal and make 100 of the Oregon homeless community members.