Emergency Plumbing Tips for the Fall Season

The Oregon rain and stormy weather is upon us. Don’t procrastinate stay ahead of the curve and help prevent costly repairs. Here are 10 DIY tips to help protect your home and save you during the winter months!

1. Gutters and Downspouts

-Cleaning your gutters and downspouts should be done at least twice a year to help prevent clogging and flooding.  If you are going to clean the downspouts and gutters be sure to have the right tools for the job.

2. Garden Hoses

-Unhooking and draining your garden hose is an important task before the winter months arrive. To drain the hose yourself you can blow on one end of the hose and drain the remaining water in the hose line. This will prevent water from freezing inside the pipe and cracking the hose.

3. Fireplace Cleaning

-There is nothing like a nice fire on a cold rainy night.  Having your fireplace or wood stove serviced is very important before using it all fall and winter.  There are many companies in the PDX metro area that can service your fireplace or woodstove.  Also here are some great tips for safe fires from our friends at TVFR. CLICK HERE FOR FIRE SAFETY TIPS

4.Service Your Water Heater

-Servicing your water heater and getting it tuned up for the months ahead is a very important part of prepping for winter. There are many sites with instructions on how to tune your water heater yourself. However, this can be a very costly project if you do it incorrectly and damage your water heater. If you need assistance with this call LOVETT and we can help get your water heater ready for winter!

5. Insulate Exposed Plumbing Pipes

-Insulate the exposed pipes that you can see in your basement. Especially the ones near the outside walls. These pipes are most likely the ones that will freeze first. Another place to look for is outside water spigot, these are a must to get covered with insulators. If you would like help with this project call LOVETT we specialize in the home winterization process!

6. Service You Septic / Sewer System

-This is a great service to keep on top of no matter what season it is. Keeping your Sewer and Septic system clean and free from clogs and other debris will save you money down the road. Also, if you have a Septic system fall is a great time to pump it out. LOVETT is a great resource for jetting your sewer lines and also for video inspection. Video inspection is a great way to see what’s going on inside your sewer system and figure out if you have a more serve problem.

7. Insulate Any Open Spaces Where Air Can Blow On Your Pipes

-For the same reason as tip #6, the fall is a good time to insulate any open spaces where air can leak through and blow on exposed pipes. Check for drafts around common spaces like windows, doors, crawl space hatches and attic hatches. This will also help you keep the heat in and save money on your winter heating bill.

8. Learn Where Your Water Valves Are

-In case of a pipe break or leak, you need to know where the water shut off valves are.  This will help you save time and possibly avoid water damage.  A 1/2″ blown pipe can shoot out upwards of 10 gallons of water per minute if you have high-pressure plumbing in your house.  LOVETT supplies free Emergency Shut Off Tags for your home or business. If you are interested in these send an email at the link below with your name and address and how many you need and we will be happy to mail them out to you. EMERGENCY SHUTOFF TAGS

9. Furnace Inspection

-Change your filters and get your furnace tuned. You will save energy and money by having this service done. Check sites like Google and Angie’s list to find companies in your area that perform this service!


-LOVETT is here to help with most of the services listed above.  With free estimates and excellent customer service.  Let us be a resource for all your plumbing, electrical, sewer, excavation, restoration, and waterproofing needs.