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Drill Services

Did you know that Lovett can install a utility line or conduit under your driveway, road, landscaped area, retaining wall, creek or other area without disturbing the surface? The pros at Lovett can handle all types of underground connections. Whether you need new sewer, water or power connections, we can drill it! Lovett has experience in a variety of soil conditions, permitting processes and regulations. Making our bid one you can count on.



Horizontal directional drilling HDD, also known as directional boring or line boring is a (trenchless technology) – a great alternative to open trenching. This steerable method of conduit installation is an environmentally friendly option that generally has the added benefit of cost savings as well.

This technology is used for installation of sewer, water, drains, communications, driveway sleeves, geothermal lines and power conduit and is useful in avoiding retaining walls, streams, landscaping and road, highway and railroad crossings. Rather than dig up landscaping or disturbing traffic patterns to install a new line Lovett’s experienced professionals are able to skillfully avoid these issues by drilling underneath! We are capable of drilling several hundred feet and our machines allow for a wide range of diameters from ¾” inches in excess of 14 inches.