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Lake Oswego Pipe Bursting Project

We recently did a Pipe Bursting project in Lake Oswego that we were able to get some great film footage at! Please take a moment and watch the Lake Oswego Pipe Bursting Project video and check out the project for yourself! Also check out our other videos on our Youtube Channel!

Shari’s, Halsey Croosing, Grease Trap Upgrade: Plumbing Division

Project Name: Shari’s, Halsey crossing, grease trap upgrade. Time for project completion: 4 days Project description: The grease trap for the store had to be upgraded per city code. The trap they had in place was ok per old code but with new codes it had to be upgraded in size so all drains in kitchen can run to it. We re routed the existing plumbing fixtures inside store to run outside were we set the new hydromantic grease interceptor and tied it into the sanitary sewer line. We cut and removed concrete thru store, excavated trenches thru kitchen and ran new plumbing lines tying into grease interceptor. Had all work inspected by city inspector, backfilled trenches and poured new concrete. Types of work: plumbing,...

Excavation Division – Russell Street Dental ADA Access Improvement Project

Name of Project: Russell Street Dental ADA Access improvements and parking lot replacement Time for Project Completion: 3/29/2013 Project Description: This project requires the removal and replacement of the existing curb and sidewalk.  The majority of this concrete sidewalk were not in compliance with current ADA standards. Bringing the site up to code will include adding three new wheelchair ramps and removing one parking space  for wheel chair access.  Adjusting the elevations to the main entrance for safe access.  The storm drain system is also in need of replacement due to normal deterioration.  The final step will be to remove and replace the existing asphalt and parking stops. Type of Project: Excavation. Drain Inspection, Storm Replacement, Concrete Flatwork, K-Rail Installation, Asphalt paving. If you have...

Sandy High School Project

LOVETT, Inc. started its largest project to date for Geo Tility http://www.geotility.ca/ in Sandy, Oregon this year. The new Sandy High School, being built by Hoffman Construction (http://hoffmanshs.com/), required a geothermal/geoexchange system be installed to reduce the amount of energy used to heat and cool the high school. This system is part of Geo Tility’s low carbon solution for achieving a sustainable future. LOVETT’s scope of work for the project began in April, 2011. LOVETT’s challenge was to use directional drilling to install 228,000 feet of 1 ¼” HDPE SDR 11 piping. The LOVETT team directionally drilled this piping underground at varying depths across thousands of feet of fields to achieve the required amount of piping to heat and cool the new campus facilities. The...